2021 Spring Semester Classes

Dear Students,

Below you will find the announcement made by the YTU Rectorate for the spring semester classes:


The health and well-being of its members are the top priority of YTU. Considering the latest data shared by the Ministry of Health, it has been observed that the risk posed by the COVID-19 outbreak continues. Therefore, taking into account the fact that the transportation vehicles, dormitories, and classrooms will increase the risk of contamination, the YTU Senate has taken the following decisions for the 2020-2021 spring semester to reduce exposures to and slow the spread of the virus:

- All associate, undergraduate and graduate programs, and the classes held by School of Foreign Languages ​​will be carried out by distance education. For further information about distance education, please visit:

- The distance education will be conducted synchronously (simultaneously) and at the times specified in the course schedule. Course schedules are published on the departmental websites and can be found in the SIS during the course registration period specified in the academic calendar.

- Lectures given by distance education will be recorded to ensure that students can watch them again.

- For the evaluation of the courses at the end of the semester, the weight of the midterm grade will be 60% and the weight of the final grade will be 40%:

          - It is compulsory and sufficient to hold one (1) midterm exam for mid-term assessment grade.

          - The instructor decides whether another assessment needs to be made in addition to the compulsory midterm exam.

          - The instructor determines the weight and the type of assessment and evaluation method (homework, project, exam, seminar, presentation, sketch, report, etc.) that can be made additionally if deemed necessary.

- The campuses are open to the students with limited use of classrooms, library, laboratories, computer, and internet infrastructure. HES code control at the entrance of the campuses is mandatory:

- All measures related to the pandemic are taken according to the Action Plan of the COVID-19 Scientific Committee of the University and all students and staff must comply with these measures.

- The decisions may change because of the ever-evolving nature of the situation and the binding decisions of the Higher Education Council, the Governorship of Istanbul, and/or other local or national regulations.

- All members should regularly check their e-mails, YTU websites and official social media accounts for the latest updates.

For the announcement in Turkish, visit:


Best regards,

YTU Erasmus Programme Unit