Campuses, Faculties, Departments

DAVUTPAŞA CAMPUS (ESENLER):  Click for the map


Faculty of Applied Sciences
» Aviation Electronics


Faculty of Art and Design
» Arts

» Communication Design
» Music and Performing Arts


Faculty of Arts and Science
» Western Languages and Literatures
» Molecular Biology and Genetics Department
» Physics
» Statistics
» Chemistry
» Mathematics
» Turkish Language and Literature
» Humanities and Social Sciences


Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

» Chemical Engineering
» Mathematical Engineering
» Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
» Bioengineering
» Food Engineering


Faculty of Civil Engineering

» Civil Engineering
» Geomatic Engineering
» Environmental Engineering


Faculty of Education
» Computer Education and Instructional Technologies
» Educational Sciences
» Mathematics and Science Education
» Social Science and Turkish Language Education
» Primary Education
» Foreign Language Education


Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
» Business Administration
» Economics
» Political Science and International Relations


Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
» Biomedical Engineering

» Computer Engineering
» Electrical Engineering
» Electronics and Communications Engineering
» Control and Automation Engineering



School of Foreign Languages 
  » Basic English
  » Modern Languages



  » Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

  » Graduate School of Social Sciences


Departments under Rectorate

  » Principles of Atatürk and Modern Turkish History
  » Turkish Language
  » Informatics
  » Physical Education



YILDIZ CAMPUS (BEŞİKTAŞ) : Click for the map


Faculty of Architecture

» Architecture
» City and Regional Planning
» Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property


Faculty of Naval Architecture and Maritime
» Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
» Marine Engineering Operations


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

» Mechanical Engineering
» Industrial Engineering
» Mechatronics Engineering