Course Registration


What you need to do/know – in short:


Each course has a unique course code and course description. Familiarize yourself with how to understand them.

Some of the courses on your learning agreement may not be offered and some of the courses may be cancelled or rescheduled during the registration period.

Before the courses begin, complete the compulsory registration for courses via uSIS/gSIS, and you will be automatically registered for the exam. If you cannot pass the course after taking the exam, you can take the resit.

If you mix courses from different cycles and/or departments, you may have some unregistrable courses. In this case, you have to fill in the course registration form and need instructor signature approval.

There is not a separate “exam enrolment” procedure because the compulsory course registration automatically registers the student for the exam.

Students are bound to deadlines and may not late add/drop courses after the deadlines stated in the calendar.

All the registered courses should be included in your learning agreement.

All the registered courses will appear on your transcript of records.

Attendance to the classes is compulsory. If you stop attending a course without formally dropping it, you will receive a failing grade.

- ONLINE COURSES: To be able to attend the online courses, your courses must be registered in SIS.


Course registration is compulsory and it is made during the registration period stated in the academic calendar. If students do not register the courses during this specific period, they cannot attend the courses and, therefore, they cannot take the exams. Likewise, if students do not attend the classes they are registered, they cannot sit the exams and they fail due to absence. The responsibility for course registration rests solely with the student.


Below are the methods of registration:

1. Using the online platform uSIS (only for bachelor students):

2. Using the online platform gSIS (only for master/PhD students):

3. To register via GoogleForms (only for Turkish Language Course offered by TÖMER

4. By course registration form (only for the courses taken from lower/upper levels)


Course registration period has 3 stages:

1. Course add/drop

2. Announcement of the closed courses at departmental web pages

3. Course add




Observing the Deadlines

YTU takes add/drop deadlines seriously. Please see the academic calendar to view the deadlines for the current semester.

Keep in mind that the registration dates and deadlines may be different for bachelor and master/PhD students.

Once the add/drop deadline passes, you are in your classes and will earn the grade assigned to you by the professor.


Identify required courses you need

Check your Learning Agreement. Pay attention to the course codes and titles you stated in the document.

For course descriptions and detailed information about the courses, please check:


Selecting  courses

Log into uSIS/gSIS. See how to use SIS.

Check the “courses/group info” tab in uSIS/gSIS to see what is being offered in the upcoming semester.

- The schedules of the courses offered can also be found at the departmental webpages (check the announcements/news section or the education tab on those pages).

Some classes fill up quickly, so there may be occasions when you will have to enrol in an alternate course.

Keep in mind that students must be enrolled to participate in a class.

Please check the following documents provided to help you make your course decision: 

          - Course Code Guide

          - Course Selection Worksheet

          - Course Registration Form


Cancelled and Rescheduled Classes

It sometimes happens that the departments have to cancel or reschedule a class after enrolment has occurred. The reason behind this is that the courses are based upon student enrolment. Every course needs a number of students registered to it to be activated (the number is decided by the board of the relevant faculty). For this reason, the schedules of confirmed courses may be subject to changes, which should be communicated at the departmental webpages on the dates stated on the academic calendar.

It is the students’ responsibility to determine their registration status. Check your uSIS/gSIS account regularly to verify registration, especially during the schedule adjustment period when courses may be closed, and promptly initiate any schedule changes via the online platforms or appropriate forms stated in the methods of registration section.

Students who need assistance in finding alternative course when a class is cancelled or rescheduled may contact their departmental coordinator.


Contacting your departmental coordinator (academic advising)

Contact your departmental coordinator to review your course selections. You can find the name of your coordinator in the signature section of your Learning Agreement and the contact information at

Your coordinator can advise you on academic matters. If your coordinator does not know the answer to your question, they will connect you to the office or person who does.


Checking for Enrolment Errors While Making Schedule Changes

It is your responsibility to verify your enrolments before add/drop deadlines. You are responsible for reading your schedule carefully, checking for errors, and for making any necessary changes (i.e., drop the courses you are not attending or add the courses you are attending in a timely way). You may check uSIS/gSIS at any time to verify your enrolments.


Adding a course during the course add/drop period

Course registration period begins before the classes start. You may add classes online via uSIS/gSIS during this period, if space is available and you meet all enrolment requirements. If you do not have all the prerequisites, the professor and the department have the authority to ask you to leave the class. 

All course adds must be completed by the add deadline. If, after the add deadline has passed, you find that you are not enrolled in a class you have been attending, you will need need instructor signature approval. Note that professors may not allow adds after the first week of classes has passed - therefore, make sure to attend the first class meeting!

To add the course, submit your signed Course Registration Form to the Erasmus Office within the deadline stated in the academic calendar. Your request will be reviewed and you will be notified by email of the request status.


Dropping a course during the course add/drop period

During the drop period, you may drop a course using uSIS/gSIS without it being noted on your permanent record and without the instructor's permission.

If, after the drop deadline has passed, you find yourself enrolled in a class you never attended or forgot to drop, you will have to drop the class using the course registration form. Submit your instructor-approved and signed Course Registration Form to the Erasmus Office within the deadline stated in the academic calendar. Your request will be reviewed and you will be notified by email of the request status.

If you stop attending a course without formally dropping or withdrawing from it, you will receive a failing grade.


Adding towards the end of the registration period

Towards the end of the registration period, if one of your classes is closed, you will be able to add a new course instead. It is NOT possible to delete courses during this stage.







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