Online Classes


At YTU, courses can be conducted: on-site, hybrid or remote:

on-site: in-person with students and instructors physically present in a learning environment

hybrid: a combination of on-site and remote

remote: online


eLearning during COVID-19 remote operations

Some classes may be converted to an online format due to the COVID-19 outbreak and you may have synchronous online classes.

Synchronous (same time) classes operate much like a traditional face-to-face class. Students meet at an assigned time and day (as stated on the course schedule) through an online meeting tool while their instructor conducts classroom activities. These classes are called synchronous because everyone needs to gather together at the same time to attend class – they just do it remotely instead of in a physical classroom. Attendance to online courses is compulsory.

Homeworks, assignments, quizzes, projects, etc. are submitted through  or another web-based tool announced by the instructor. Class discussion takes place online and the instructor may share some materials online. The instructors might hold "office hours" online, or they might set up other online ways for you to connect with them.

With the approval of the instructor, the classes may be recorded and accessible as online videos for you to watch again later (but you will still need to complete your tasks by set due dates).


How to attend an online class?

In order to attend the classes:

- Download Zoom to your computer: 

- Go to 

- For the account type, choose “student”

- Login with your uSIS/gSIS username and password

- On the opening page, you will see the courses registered in your uSIS/gSIS account

- To attend an online course, click on the arrow on the right top of a course and choose the “online course” (canlı ders) option in the drop-down menu

- When the course info page appears, click on “attend the class” (derse katıl) button

- If you are asked for permission to run Zoom, run the app

If the class is conducted through another web-based tool, the instructor will explain you how to proceed.


What to do if your courses do not appear in the tool?

If your courses do not appear in the tool, this means that your courses are not registered in uSIS/gSIS and you can only the courses registered in usis/gsis. 

In such cases, you should complete your course registration immediately. Information about the course registration can be found here.



  1. If you have any problems with your usis/gsis password or username, contact the IT centre:

  2. If you have any problems with the distance education system, contact UZEM (distance education centre): 

  3. Here is the latest announcement of the UZEM: and you can find the guidelines prepared by them here: 

  4. Informing the instructor about your case and registration status may be helpful until your registration is completed. If you do not know the e-mail address of the instructor:

- Go to, write the name of the lecturer to the search box, and hit the search button. Check the “contact” tab. OR:

- Go to, write the name of the lecturer in the little box on the right top corner and search. OR:

- Visit the website of the department and check the “staff” tab for the contact information. Here is the link to the websites of all departments:




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