The following questions are a guide to best practices when making the course registration.


What is uSIS and which courses can be registered?

uSIS stands for “undergraduate student information system.” Bachelor level students use uSIS to register their courses. Students can check the exam marks and final grades of the registered courses on uSIS. ONLY bachelor level courses can be registered in uSIS.  These are the courses with the codes beginning with 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx or 4xxxx.


What is gSIS and which courses can be registered?

gSIS stands for “graduate student information system.” Master or PhD level students use gSIS to register their courses. Students can check the exam marks and final grades of the registered courses on gSIS. Master and PhD courses can be registered in gSIS.  These are the courses with the codes beginning with 5xxx and 6xxx. Some bachelor level courses may be registered in gSIS if they are defined in the system.


How to login?

After your university enrolment is completed, your student account is created on uSIS/gSIS.

Each student has a unique YTU student e-mail account with domain. The login data for your student e-mail is sent to your e-mail address you used in your Erasmus application.

- Your uSIS/gSIS login data is sent to your YTU student e-mail account by the IT department. To login to the system, use the password and username combination you receive to your YTU e-mail. Since this combination is generated by the IT department, if the password is forgotten, students need to make a request to the IT department for a new password:


When to make the course registration?

Registration dates and deadlines may be different for bachelor and master/PhD students. Generally, uSIS is active for 1 week before the semester starts and gSIS is active for a month (2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the semester starts). Approximately, the ¾ of these periods is for course add/drop and ¼ is only for course add. Course registration period, add/drop, and add days are fixed by the university Senate and may differ each year/semester.

Students must complete the course registration procedure in the period stated in the academic calendar


How to make the registration?

Students need the following information for each course:

          - Course code: 7-digit-codes = 3 letters for the abbreviation of the name of department + 4 numbers

          - Group number: A course may be lectured in different classrooms, in different hours/days, in different languages or by different lecturers. In this case, that course have more than 1 group. It is important to complete the registration for the correct group number. Otherwise, the student does not appear in the list of the lecturer, which would lead to failure due to absence, and the lecturer cannot submit the grade of the student.

          - Course codes and group numbers can be found in the “courses/group info” tabs in uSIS and gSIS.

Please make sure that you write the codes and group numbers of the courses correctly.


What if the course does not appear in uSIS/gSIS?

Not all the courses listed at are offered in the semester. If a course cannot be found in uSIS or gSIS among the courses offered, this means that the course will not run in the semester.

Please make sure you are searching the course in the correct system (uSIS for bachelor and or gSIS for master/phd courses).


What to do if students get error message about class capacity?

Students who get “kapasite dolu” (class is full, no seats) error during the registration should contact the head of the department offering course.


How to register for two classes that are scheduled at the same time?

Attendance is compulsory at YTU. Therefore, it is not possible to register for two classes that are held at the same time or during overlapping times.


What if the course registration is not completed?

If students fail to complete the registration in time, they cannot attend the classes, and thus, cannot sit the exams.


What happens if students do not attend a class that is registered?

Regular attendance is compulsory at YTU.  

If students do not attend the courses that they are online registered via uSIS or gSIS, they get the mark “F0” in their transcript of records. F0 indicates that the student has failed because of non-attendance. Check for further information about the grading system.


Which courses to register?

Students must register all the courses they would like to take during their Erasmus stay at YTU. These courses should be included in the Learning Agreements of the students, as well.


What if a course included in the Learning Agreement is not offered OR if the student wants to take a course not included in the Learning Agreement?

If a course included in the Learning Agreement’s before the mobility section is not offered or the student does not want to take the course anymore, the course should be deleted by the during the mobility section of the Learning Agreement. Likewise, if the student is interested in a course which is not included in the Learning Agreement’s before the mobility section, it should be added by the during the mobility section of the Learning Agreement. Check for further information.


How to make the registration of the courses mixed from upper or lower cycles?

All students are expected to choose their courses from the department they are nominated and registered, which will lead to a smooth registration procedure. 

Only in cases when required number of ECTS credits cannot be collected, with the consent of the academic coordinators, Erasmus students can mix courses from other faculties or cycles.

- However, since the undergraduate (bachelor) and graduate (master/phd) platforms are seperate at YTU, courses chosen from different cycles/faculties may not be registered in the platforms because they are not defined to the department of the student.

- If you cannot register in the requested way (e.g. because you are a bachelor student and need an activated gSIS account to register master courses or vice versa)

          - Contact the lecturers explaining that you are an exchange student and kindly ask to be added to the list of participants by them and

          - Fill in the course registration form with the unregistrable courses and have the form signed by the concerning lecturers.

          - In this case, your final grade will not appear on your uSIS/gSIS account. Therefore, it should be sent to the Erasmus Office (either by email to or via EBYS) by the lecturer to be added on your transcript of records.

Please read the section "course codes" to be informed about the levels of the courses and the section “location” for the names of the departments:




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