Dear Students,


If you are interested in carrying out a traineeship mobility at Yıldız Technical University, make sure that 


you have applied to your university first for Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility.


As long as you have been found eligible for Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility by sending university, you can proceed with the below procedures of Yıldız Technical University.



Application Procedure:


The  traineeship mobility is to be carried out between 1st June N year  and 30th September N+1 year, any duration on condition that not to be fewer than two months and advised not to be longer than 90 days.




1- Please contact directly the relevant department at which you wish to work or Erasmus+ Program Unit so as to see if there is an open position for a trainee.


Please check  ;


For the academic units


For the departmental Erasmus coordinators


For Erasmus+ Program Unit: 


2- Accordingly, find a mentor and discuss what the traineeship might involve.





How to find a Mentor?

You should get in touch with one of the academic or administrative 

staff, who is expert on the field that you would like to carry out a traineeship

For academic staff of the departments, check

For administrative staff, check



3- After you are accepted by a mentor, please fill out Application Form and Learning agreement for traineeship, have them signed&stamped by your home university and send it to with a passport photo in .jpeg format.



4- You will be sent a “Letter of Acceptance” When the Application Form has been received, Letter of Acceptance will be prepared by the Mentor and sent to Erasmus+ Program Unit who will stamp and send it to the trainee. 



Please check Practical Information Menu at our web site for the details.



We wish you a fruitful traineeship period and great time full of joy and good memories.


All applications should be sent to Erasmus+ Program Unit ( ) with the documents below only after a mentor has been assigned and a traineeship program has been agreed on.


Before having received a Letter of Acceptance which is signed and stamped officially by Erasmus+ Program Unit, please do not complete your travel plan like flight tickets and accomodation.  



Necessary documents :


Note that all of documents need to be the latest version which can be downloaded from  and filled out electronically (no handwriting).


•       Application Form (filled electronically, signed and stamped by the applicant and the home university, scanned in pdf format)


•       Learning Agreement for Traineeship  (filled electronically, signed and stamped by the applicant and the home university, scanned in pdf format)


•       Photo (headshot in jpg format)



Following your application and checking your documents, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail including your Letter of Acceptance.



Important Reminders!


Erasmus+ Program Unit: It is the central Erasmus Office and located in Davutpaşa campus. You can contact Erasmus+ Program Unit for any administrative issues: application, acceptance, confirmation at institutional basis, etc. Contact e-mail:


Mentor: S/he can be one of the teaching staff who accepts you as a trainee, at your registered department. You can contact her/him for any academic issues: traineeship programs, learning agreement changes, traineeship certificate.


For academic staff of the departments,

For administrative staff,                   


Departmental Coordinator: S/he is one of the teaching staff at your registered department. You can contact her/him for the official confirmations like signatures, if required.




Erasmus Student Network (ESN) YTU: A student club which helps out the incoming Erasmus students in social matters: City guide, accommodation, student facilities, student events, etc. Contact e-mail:


Traineeship Programs:

You are supposed to prepare your traineeship programs with the mentor accepting you at Yildiz Technical University and the responsible person at your home university.  You should inform him/her about the details of traineeship required by your home university and accordingly s/he will accept or offers some changes so as to be in line with Yildiz Technical University.



Unfortunately YTU does not provide accommodation at university dormitories. You can either search for private apartments, dormitories or share flats with other students. ESN YTU team will help you in finding accommodation.


Financial Aid: Students will not receive any economic compensation and will not be provided any kind of insurance at Yıldız Technical University and therefore must come approved as Erasmus+ Trainees from their home universities, receiving their grants and proper insurances (health, accident and liability) for this program.



You are supposed to get in touch with Turkish Consulate at your home country to learn more about a proper visa for this program. Thanks to official regulations, you may have an opportunity to visit Turkey without a visa, but note that this opportunity is only valid for touristic vacations, therefore YTU refuses any responsibility caused by not having a valid visa. Moreover, in any case you are required to hold a valid passport (not a national ID) which will be valid for at least 6 months upon finishing traineeship program. It is highly recommended that your traineeship period will be not more than 90 days since you will be exposed to a long and tiring procedure of residence permit. 




We wish you a fruitful traineeship period and great time full of joy and good memories.



Erasmus+ Program Unit, Traineeship Department



Address:         Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi, Erasmus+ Programı Ofisi 

                       Davutpaşa Kampüsü, Taşkışla Binası A-1003 

                       34220 Esenler / İSTANBUL


Phone:            +90 212 383 56 54