Medical Facilities 

In the Medico-Social medical units located both on Yıldız Main Campus and Davutpaşa Campus, medical service is provided to students, academic and administrative staff and the family members that they are liable to look after and the retired staff. The medical services provided in the Medico-Social Center are for preventive medicine and primary health care. http://bologna.yildiz.edu.tr/index.php?r=infoforstudents/medical 

Sports and Leisure Facilities

In order to enable the students to be integrated with each other at the faculties and departments, and to grant them with the competition excitement, competitions are organized between the Faculties in the fields of Basketball, Table Tennis and Voleyball; and moreover course programmes are provided in various sport fields such as Aerobics, Badminton, Bowling, Dance, Folk Dance, Korfball, Taekwondo, Tennis and Voleyball.  http://bologna.yildiz.edu.tr/index.php?r=infoforstudents/sportsleisure 

Facilities for Students with Special Needs

Commission for University Without Obstacles which operates under the Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs aims to make adjustments for the disabled in terms of physical infrastructure and living environment around the university and its facilities.