If you wish to study at Yıldız Technical University under the Erasmus+ programme:


1. There must be an active Erasmus+ agreement between your university and the corresponding academic department in YTU.

2. You must be nominated by your university in good time for the application deadline.

3. You must have appropiate language skills.

4. You must complete the online application and submit all the duly signed documents within the deadlines.



1. Erasmus+ Agreements

Please keep in mind that at YTU each inter-institutional agreement is assigned to a specific department. Nominations outside the agreed department are not possible.

To check the inter-institutional agreements, please visit:



2. Nomination

The necessary data must be sent to by the responsible person at your home university:


Full name (as written in the passport)

Date of birth

E-mail address

Period of stay (Full year/Fall semester/Spring semester)

Sending institution (name and ID code)


Study cycle (First/Second/Third)



After you have been nominated by your home university, you will receive an e-mail with information on the online application procedure.

There is not a specific deadline for nomination. However, it must be done in good time for the application deadline.



3. Language Skills 

Please be aware that you will need to have appropriate English or Turkish language skills if you wish to study at Yıldız Technical University.

Exchange students who wish to study at YTU generally do not need an official language certificate. However, you must have sufficient language skills. Every agreement for Erasmus+ student exchanges that we have signed with your home university contains details regarding the recommended language level

To find out whether there are enough courses taught in English or Turkish in your field of study, click on your field of study in the course catalogue at Bologna page. Click on the course codes to see the language of instruction.


4. Online Application

Please see:




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