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Updates for Incoming Erasmus Students (KA103)

YTU provides general and specific information for the students and staff about the COVID-19 (in Turkish only). The incoming Erasmus students are kindly asked to consult the FAQs below before contacting the Erasmus Office for their questions.

Click here to download the emergency action plan of YTU


How can I contact the Erasmus Office?

We cannot offer our usual face-to-face office hours. Instead, we kindly ask all exchange students and partner universities to contact us via e-mail to incoming@yildiz.edu.tr.


Will there be the orientation days?

The orientation programme is announced before the  semester starts and the programme may be online.


Will be the exams held online?

Usually, the exams are made in line with the lecture period. Therefore, if the education is held online, the exams are held in the same way. However, always contact the instructors to make sure how the assessment procedure be handled.


Can I enter the campus and use the facilities?

The university will continue to operate but some services may be limited or offered remotely. You are asked to email or call ahead before visiting any office or facility on campus.

Additionally, anyone entering the campuses and the facilities must follow university requirements such as wearing a mask, practicing social distancing or HES code (see below). Please do your part to keep yourself and the others safe.


How will I get my documents signed by YTU throughout my mobility?

The Erasmus office signs the documents through the online application tool. So, to get your Erasmus documents signed:

- Login to your account at https://ytuerasmus.yildiz.edu.tr/

- Check the “Upload Your Documents” section on the opening page. Click here to see the document upload screen.

- Click on the category names (i.e. “during the mobility”) to find the document you would like to get signed (i.e. confirmation of arrival). If the document name does not appear in the list, choose “other documents.”

- Click on the “upload” button and save.

- After your document is signed, you can download the scanned copy.

IMPORTANT: Your learning agreement (LA)/ learning agreement during the mobility (LA DtM) first should be signed by your departmental coordinator:

- You can either inform the departmental coordinator that you have uploaded your LA to the tool for their signature OR

- You can have it signed by them through email and upload it to the tool following their signature.


Will I receive a certificate of attendance for my online mobility?

If you attend your (online) courses and take the exams, you will receive a certificate of attendance covering the full semester (beginning date: orientation/course registration/first day of classes AND end date: the day you take your last exam).


Will I receive a grant?

Your grant is given by your home university and you should contact them about the financial issues.


What should I do if I decide to postpone my mobility?

For students who decide to postpone their mobility, the responsible person at the home institution should send an e-mail notification to incoming@yildiz.edu.tr about their decision. The students who postpone their mobility should complete a new online application in the concerning application period. The number of the students hosted in an academic year cannot exceed the agreement quota. 



Fall Semester

What are the semester dates of the fall 2020?

Please see: academic calendar


How will classes be offered for fall 2020?

Below are the Senate resolutions dated September 1, 2020 regarding the fall semester of 2020-2021 academic year:

- All undergraduate and graduate programmes will be conducted remote (online).

- Remote education activities will be held synchronously at the times specified in the course schedules. Course schedules are published on the departmental websites and can be found in the SISs during the course registration period specified in the academic calendar.

- Some undergraduate and graduate courses can be conducted both remote and on-site (face-to-face). Courses to be conducted remote and on-site will be announced by the Faculties and Institutes.

- Courses/projects/thesis studies requiring on-site education will be conducted face-to-face ( along with the remote education alternative).

- Classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and computers will be used within the scope of preventive measures and HES code control will be made at campus entrances.

-  All measures related to the pandemic are taken according to the Action Plan of the Covid-19 Scientific Committee of the University and all students must comply with these measures.

- The decisions taken may change depending on the current situation and/or on the binding decisions of the Higher Education Council and the Governorship of Istanbul.


Spring Semester

Please kindly consult the FAQs above before contacting us. If you have any questions, we are available via e-mail to incoming@yildiz.edu.tr.


What are the expected semester dates of the spring 2021?

Please check the academic calendar.


How will classes be offered for spring 2021?

The spring semester courses will be conducted online. Please read: http://www.erasmus.yildiz.edu.tr/news/499/2021-Spring-Semester-Classes


What about the application procedure and deadline?

The spring semester applications ended. Please check our website for any updates for 2021/2022 applications.


Travel Advice

What do I need to know before travelling to Turkey?

Before planning a trip to Turkey, please check the current situation at Turkish borders concerning travel restrictions via the website of the Turkish Representations.

If you need to apply for a visa to enter Turkey, so please check whether the local Turkish consulate or embassy in your country is currently open or if they might offer online applications for a visa.


Quarantine measures for people arriving in Turkey:

Upon entering Turkey, you must stay in domestic quarantine for 14 days. You are not allowed to receive any visitors from outside during the time of domestic quarantine. You are also not allowed to enter YTU campuses during the quarantine period.

In Turkey, when leaving home, always have your ID and passport on your person!


Data and statistics of COVID-19 cases in Turkey:

The website of the Ministry of Health provides general data and daily statistics about the cases in Turkey (in Turkish and English), the website of the Governorship of Istanbul provides latest news and updates for Istanbul. The updates concerning the higher education institutions are available at the websites of the Council of Higher Education. More information about the Corona virus is available via the Covid-19 Portal of TUBITAK. Online COVID-19 world map with up-to-date data can be found here. Detailed information about the recommended behaviours can be found on the website of the World Health Organization.


General situation in Turkey and everyday life

At the moment, there is no general curfew or total lock down in Istanbul. According to the latest decree, however, people are required to reduce physical social contact with others to a minimum, maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 m to others (wherever possible). People are required to wear a mask covering for mouth and nose in public. Violations of the decree may result in having to pay penalty fine.

Currently, there are hardly any restrictions for shops, stores or institutions to be open, but they may have restrictions for the opening hours and numbers of guests. Yet, most indoor clubs remain closed and some outside events are still not allowed.


Is there an app for the Coronavirus?

The Ministry of Health launched the HES app (available on Appstore and GooglePlay) to inform and guide the people, and to minimize the risks related to the pandemic and to prevent its spread. The purpose of the app is to inform users if they have been in contact with an infected person and thus make chains of infection easier to track. If a user is tested positively for Covid-19, they can share their result in the app and inform others who have been in their immediate surroundings.


What if I think I have been infected?

If you show symptoms of an infection (mostly fever, cough, shortness of breath) or if you have been in touch with an infected person, please stay at home and carefully monitor your health condition. You may call the CoronaVirus call centre (1-8-4) if you think you are infected. For medical emergencies, dial 1-1-2.

If you have been tested positively for the COVID-19, you must inform YTU Erasmus Office by email (incoming@yildiz.edu.tr).


Thank you for your patience and understanding.




added by Asena Dogru, last update on 10.02.2020